Program is delayed until Fall 2021

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We have been dilligently planning for spring classes at Windsor Park Pavilion this month, however....with the pandemic in a critical growth spurt it is really not ideal for us to try to gather.  We have been paying close attention to "Exposures" in schools and, at this point, all of the schools we have students from have had exposures and in fact some have had a second one.  The fact that our program was to offer multi school district collaborations is not a plus.


The Facilitators of our programs have met and we have decided that we should try to be a part of the "solution' as much as possible and so with that in mind we think we should cancel our offering for this year and look to starting our partnership with Oak Bay Parks next fall.

In the meantime, stay safe, practise at home, get vacinnated, 

and stay tuned for further developments.

(we are planning for our Summer Jam Camp from August 8 - 13.)

The Young All Star program is a sequential program of development for students between the ages of 12 - 18 years, to study the spontaneous art and craft of musical improvisation, playing by ear, and performing in a small jazz group.  We are fortunate to have the assistance of fabulous professional teachers and musicians to coach us each week. 


Bring your instruments and your enthusiasm....we will provide the rest.

Questions?  Please use the YAS contact form on this page to reach our program leaders.

Now in our 16th year of creating jazz musicians...we hope you can come out to play!


The Young All Stars performing at Oak Bay Lodge and Government House