Thanks to all for a successful

U-JAM Summer Jazz Workshop

It was a great to return to playing and hearing live music again at our recent Summer Jazz Workshop, held at the Victoria Alliance Church.  A successful week of classes was held under the artistic direction of Louis Rudner and Ashley Wey.  We were all inspired by our immersion in things musical.  The nightly shows at Hermann's featured some of our talented faculty and special guests including Suzannah Adams, Ryan Oliver, and Miguelito Valdes along with jam sessions eagerly joined by our students.  Our core faculty included reed man, Joe Hatherill, trumpet-tooter, Dave Flello and drummer, Michael Zermehly, guitar strumming Rob Cheramy, the multi-instrumentalist John Lee, and percussionist Kelby MacNayr.  It was great to see new faces and old - all in all, a great week!

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“Making Music Foundational & Foundations of Jazz”

The U-JAM Summer Workshop is a place where you will be learning fundamentals, musicianship, and the skills of playing jazz together! This is a great opportunity to study with and learn from local working musicians as well as internationally recognized artists. You will gain knowledge and wisdom on improvisation, theory, and ensemble playing within the jazz idiom.

Core Faculty will include Mike Zimmerly on drums, Louis Rudner on bass, Ashley Wey on piano, Dave Flello on brass, and Joe Hatherill on reeds. Special master classes will feature distinguished artists including Susannah Adams, Ryan Oliver, Miguelito Valdes, John Lee, and others.


Outcomes:  Principles that will guide the experience

  • Learn to structure and fine-tune your practice routine?  Let’s hot rod your practicing!

  • “Technique Transcription and Tunes” - We will cover topics such as transcribing and playing along with records, theory, ear training (Major Minor and Rhythmic Transcription, Voice Leading, Scales, Modes).

  • Gain tricks and licks that are key to improvising on your instrument.  Here's your chance to hone fundamentals  of Studying Jazz (ear training, time, feel, harmony, transcribing, bandstand communication, music history)

  • Get inspired, and not discouraged… Effortless mastery!

What to expect in a day? The ABC’s of Jazz!

A. Instrument Fundamentals
B. Jazz Fundamentals
C.Listening / History session / Blues / Standard (Structure and form)
D. Ensemble Fundamentals (Large (reading)
E. Small Ensemble (communication and improve)
F. Masterclass and night time concert