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Workshop Schedule

This is an overview of the camp schedule for 2024. Subject to change.

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What to Bring

-instrument and required supplies to make it work.  Drum kits, bass amps, and keyboards provided (unless you’d like to bring your own)

-a note taking paper/ pencils

-a handheld recording device (most smart phones are perfect)

-a metronome (Pro Metronome is a great and free app!)

-a tuner 

-a tablet or iPad


Be sure to mark your name on all of your belongings.

How to Prepare

If you want to get the most out of your camp experience it is a good Idea to prepare.  You can do this by checking out the repertoire and recordings posted.  Try to learn the tunes, chord changes and forms to each tunes, (for bonus points see if there are intros or outros you can have in your back pocket!). Other ways to prepare: Learn all 12 major scales and arpeggios, minor scales and arpeggios. Familiarize yourself with common jazz  chords and types (Major Seventh, Minor Seventh, Dominant Seventh),  Practice playing all of these fundamentals and the tunes with the metronome, then do it with the metronome on beats 2 & 4.

If you haven't already, consider completing the jazz workshop placement assessment.

If you'd like to be in John Lee's audition ensemble, take the John Lee Ensemble Audition.

Core Repertoire

The core repertoire is provided to create a meeting point and workshop specific concepts. You are not limited in these selections. Please bring your real book (5th or 6th edition) to provide additional flexibility.




Body and Soul
Star Eyes
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Have You Met Miss Jones
Up Jumped Spring
There Will Never Be Another You
My Romance
A Night In Tunisia



Detour Ahead
You Don't Know What Love Is
Dear Old Stockholm
September Song
Walkin' (Jazz Blues)

Bag's Groove
Blues in the Closet
Straight, No Chaser
Cotton Tail
Mac the Knife
Autumn Leaves
Black Orpheus
They Can't Take That away from me
Have you met Miss Jones
You Don't Know What Love Is


They Can't Take That away from me
Have you met Miss Jones
Just Squeeze Me
Mac the Knife
Autumne Leaves
Body and Soul
You Don't Know What Love Is

Star Eyes
Detour Ahead
Body and Soul

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