The U-JAM Society, is a not-for-profit society that advocates, mentors, educates, and acts as a resource for the community of jazz listeners and musicians in the Greater Victoria area. It began in 2004 to build and strengthen the areas jazz community.

A message from the past-president...


Dear Musicians and Music Lovers,

U-JAM fills a vital role in the community, offering support for professional and aspiring musicians, creating opportunities for all of us to experience. share, learn, and participate.

While it is always about the music, it also about the people who make it.  In general, musicians spend more time than any other profession learning and perfecting their craft.  They often forgo material wealth to follow their heart and pursue a career that is becoming increasingly more difficult to sustain.  We continue to support and cherish live performances of spontaneous improvised music.

As we enter our 16th year of spreading the gospel of music and jazz in its many forms, I want to thank the many folks who have made U-JAM such a success.  This includes past Board Members, volunteers, donors, and, most importantly, musicians of many stripes.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Dave Paulson

2021 AGM Links

We grieve the recent loss of Brian North, one of U-JAM's founding directors.  Brian brought incredible energy and support to the organisation through his many years of service, serving in capacities of fund raising, camp director, volunteer coordinator, and many other roles. 

He will be missed by all.


U-JAM encourages listening, playing and learning about jazz at all levels; provides opportunities for like-minded people to meet and learn more about jazz from each other;
provides a network and hosts events for jazz musicians of all levels to play and develop; and enables recreational and student musicians to learn from musical mentors.



Every Saturday afternoon, U-JAM holds rehearsals for young jazz musicians, coordinated by Dave Flello. Students are encouraged ...read more


Club Nights are held monthly to give members an opportunity to sing with our house band and learn more about a particular artist or composer.  Mentors offer performance and mini-lectures ...read more




President  - Eric Hughes

Vice President - Liam Arthurs

Treasurer - David Flello

Secretary - Jed Sutherland

Past President - Dave Paulson

Directors at Large 

Paul Baracos

Bill Kent

Rachael Chubb-Higgins - volunteer chair

Karen Lindsay - membership chair

Maria Manna

Larry Saidman

Chris Aesoph

Gaylia Lasner