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U-JAM Programs - Special UJAM Event 

 - Jazz Vocal Workshop (Level One)

Sponsored by Universal Jazz Advocates & Mentors (U-JAM)

Saturday, 21 November 2015 9:30 am to 5:30 pm at Hermann's Jazz Club  ========================================== 


U-JAM Society  : Universal Jazz Advocates & Mentors Society,  Victoria, B.C. 

Notice of Special Resolution

To be voted on at a general meeting to be held Monday, September 14th at 5:00 p.m.


U-JAM has made application with the Canada Revenue Agency for charitable status.  To qualify for registration, U-JAM SOCIETY must prove that its purposes and activities are exclusively charitable and worthy.

Although our activities have been demonstrated to be considered worthy, the wording of our original purpose was found to be too vague and does not restrict activities that may not be considered charitable by law.  


It is proposed that U-JAM delete the current purpose at Article 2 of our Constitution (‘to advocate, mentor, educate, and act as a resource for the community of musicians and music lovers who share a passion for jazz in its many forms’), 

And replace it with the following purpose:

a ) To advance education by providing instructional classes and structured educational programs on topics related to jazz music to the public;

b) To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by providing high-quality artistic performances in jazz music in public places;

c) To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes. 


Jazzin' With U-JAM  update in U-JAM Programs link 

'U-JAM Vocal Jazz Nights' provide amateur vocalists an opportunity to perform accompanied by a band and a local professional vocalist and/or vocal coach.  The Vocal Nights in fall 2015 will be announced here and in the calendar, assume at Hermann's Jazz Club See http://www.u-jam.ca/directory/vocal-jazz-nights for details. 

'Jazzin' With U-JAM' : provides adult musicians an opportunity to develop their musicianship under the guidance of local professional musicians.  Although the formal program is completed for this spring, participants are continuing to meet through the summer.  For more information on how to joine the group contact Bill Kent (email: billkentbass@gmail.com or call 250-655-1702).  New members always welcome! See http://www.u-jam.ca/directory/jazzin-with-u-jam for details.

'U-JAM Young All Stars' Young All Stars - Recent performances at Oak Bay Lodge and the Victorian Retirement Home are preparing the young musicians for their windup at Hermann's on June 16th.  Summer holidays will be briefly interrupted for a special performance at the Sooke Fine Art Show.  This  Young All Stars program provides middle and high school musicians an opportunity to develop their musicianship under the guidance of local professional musicians.  The Young Jazz All Stars meet each Saturday throughout the school year. See http://www.u-jam.ca/directory/young-all-stars for details.

 Jazz at the Gallery -'Quotes'

Q: How did you keep motivated as a young student?
Jennifer: "My push through all of that would have been the sheer love of the music - and - when you feel like you don't want to do anything else- then you know it's music for you"

Rene : "My father urged my to 'do it properly' ..so I went to UBC where I studied string bass [cos you couldn't study electric bass guitar.] If you have a good band teacher -thank them every day"

Bill:"There were tough years, but I focussed on the fun - my peers and some parents were into jazz. Go for the things you enjoy, play with those you like to play with and be inspired and motivated"

Audience member; "Oh - it's all about that voice - they are wonderful"

See News for notes on UJAM Vocal night -May 27th with Maureen Washington.